The Cap Guys launches The Doctor Bird - Jamaica Black and Gold Version

by The Cap Guys Staff on June 20, 2016

The Cap Guys is pleased to annouce the launch of the gold version of the The Doctor Bird - Jamaica cap. We are also introducing the classic Doctor Bird Jamaica cap without the snakeskin brim.

The origianl design was a classic and was sold all over North America. We want do something different and unique and in very limited quantities. Get yours now, before they are sold out! Click here to go there now!

This Inspired Exclusive cap was designed by The Cap Guys to reflect the legacy of the Jamaican People and the allure of their homeland. It depicts the beautiful Doctor Bird, a hummingbird indigenous to Jamaica, known for its dexterity, agility, cunning nature, and its natural ability to produce iridescent colours. The Doctor Bird stands as a renowned symbol of Jamaica and brings to life the strength, pride, and love of Jamaicans and the people who love Jamaican culture.

The Cap Guys will donate a portion of the proceeds from this cap to its affiliate Strength in Numbers, and dispersed to various charitable causes. WE GIVE BACK TO WHAT WE LOVE.

This hat is currently available on,, and of course our website at

It is also availble in our Retail Kiosks throughout the city.

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