Inspired X is our new main company name and the natural evolution of The Cap Guys and the Inspired Exclusives in-house brand. 

The Cap Guys will now exclusively sells hats from other brands under Inspired X. The evolution of the brand will allow us to expand our creativity into items such as t-shirts, socks, hoodies, tank tops and much more. 

What is Inspired X?

Inspired X (IX) is a multiple award-winning retailer, specializing in an unique collection of apparel and accessories. We have successfully established ourselves as a top retailer with a great selection of items for men, women and kids.

Inspired X designs are inspired by people, places, cultures, causes, and forward movements that impact us both locally and abroad.  The result is extraordinary fashion pieces that can be prideful, funny, thought-provoking, clever or inspirational but always stunning, creative and meaningful.

In addition, we offer custom apparel to our clients as an excellent way to build their business, grow their brand, show their school spirit, represent their team, and support all of their favourite causes.

In our physical retail locations, we pioneered the innovative concept of Retail Kiosks. A Retail Kiosk is an attractive display format that is uniquely positioned and designed to fit perfectly into barbershops, salons, community centres, colleges and universities, convenience stores, gas stations, retail stores and any other high-traffic, on the go locations. This concept allows us to penetrate a bigger market and offer convenience to customers.

In our digital retail space, our online platforms offer a seamless, fast and convenient experience for customers. We integrate modern technology, diligent customer service and multi-channel retailing to allow a variety of engagement points for a customer to make a purchase. Customers, currently can purchase from our website, Walmart (Canada), Amazon (Canada & America), and Etsy. We continue to invest heavily into online and mobile sales, to remain innovative, forward-thinking and responsive to customer needs.

As a valued customer, your feedback is very important to us. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you are more than welcome to contact us at your earliest convenience. The Inspired X team are truly dedicated to providing you with excellent products, superior customer service and a great shopping experience.

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