The Cap Guys Launches the Hustle!

by The Cap Guys Staff on March 13, 2016

The Cap Guys is pleased to annouce the launch of the "Hustle" cap. This cap took a few months to develop and The Process is outline on the intro page.

This Inspired Exclusives cap was designed to represent the hustlers mindset and spirit that lives within us. We dedicate it to those who never take NO for an answer. The ones who refuse to give up and by any means necessary will make their dreams become a reality.

The Hustle cap is inspired by the artists, the entrepreneurs, the athletes, the innovators, the instigators, the life-long students -- the ones who see and think different. For them, the sky is the limit, wherever they are, and regardless of their situation. In the face of adversity, they rise to the occasion. They are self-motivated and have the will power to invent, re-invent, imagine, create, inspire, explore and ultimately, turn nothing into something.

The dream is real. The passion is alive. The hustle is unmatched.

This hat is currently available on,, and of course our website at

It is also availble in our Retail Kiosks throughout the city.

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